Is Neuromancer warning us about AI’s deceptive abilities?

It’s no secret that Neuromancer deeply explores the concept of Artificial Intelligence. We see the AI named “Neuromancer” attempt to trick Case into staying with Linda Lee on a beach — the AI’s ineffective last line of defense. But what if that last line of defense had been effective? What if the AI was so smart, that it made an irresistible offer to Case, having the power to own him?

Interestingly enough, there’s emerging evidence that AI is becoming better than us at tricking humans. A writer for Forbes decided to do an experiment with an AI twitter bot: who could be more effective at getting users to click on malicious links: the bot or the writer? Surprising or not, the AI won 275-49. How? It was much more creative in the way it displayed deceptive content. (DON’T CLICK ON THE TWITTER LINK BELOW)

Here’s a look at the Forbes writer’s attempt at getting users to click. The writer uses hashtags, tries to entice with an urging message, and even responds with multiple accounts in order to make the post look more legitimate. Not bad. But the AI? It was way more creative. The bot sent out a variety of tweets, making them more diverse, including GIFs and other forms of media, and even sending them out in different languages. The Forbes writer could not keep up with the creativity of the Artificial Intelligence. That’s kind of freaky.

Neuromancer leaves us hanging, somewhat, as we learn that Wintermute and Neuromancer have combined to create one big personality; they now apparently make up the entire matrix. We don’t know exactly what this is supposed to mean or what it might entail, but we do know that it sounds pretty damn powerful. Neuromancer certainly explores the idea of AI ruling the world. Case literally asks “You God?” It’s a chilling thought, and the scariest part is that we’re beginning to see AI act deceptive and cunning, even more so than humans in some cases.

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