Meet “Ken M”

“Ken M,” possibly the “world’s greatest Internet troll,” has gained online popularity through one simple action: commenting. That’s right; the screen name “Ken M” can apparently be seen throughout the Internet, leaving “hot takes” and “dumb comments” across some of the Internet’s more popular posts, articles, and videos. And believe it or not, this guy’s gained a following. People actually keep up with this guy to see him troll the digital world.

“Ken M” is the perfect example of a troll thriving off anonymity. He himself notes that his followers don’t want to see his real face. Saying that it’d almost ruin the fun of his online persona, “Ken M” remains anonymous to keep this humorous character in the imagination of his fans and his victims.

What’s interesting is that “Ken M” doesn’t seem to be your typical “Internet Troll.” Instead, he tends to go around cyberspace planting low-hanging fruit for other users to swipe at. He knows he’s putting out stupid comments, but that’s the point. Others want to shut down what he has to say; they probably think he doesn’t know he’s an idiot, but that’s the reason he’s so popular.

Another thing I noticed with “Ken M,” and this is something I’ve seen with trolls across the Internet, is the obvious misspelling of simple words. In one of the trolling examples mentioned in the video above, “Ken M” spells “dinasaurs” incorrectly, and it seems way too obvious to be a typo. This guy sounds like an intelligent dude who knows how to manipulate others and gain fame online. Did he really accidentally misspell the word “dinosaur?”

Probably not. My guess is guys like “Ken M” will misspell simple words in hope that others will comment to fix their mistakes. I’ve seen this online with Twitter trolls. Some accounts will misspell every other word; they want to play the part of the fool so you correct them and engage with them. Misspelling words is like the hook; some people can’t help but engage, and then they’re stuck. “Ken M” is an interesting example of a troll: not necessarily hateful, but very good at getting people to react and interact with his content.